New Wedding Diet Plan and Tips

Here we Share a diet plan  program designed for those who are going to be recently wed and want look wonderful and eye-catching on their big day. With this diet plan, you have to start at least 30 minutes everyday workouts. Never neglect beginning morning meal, because our metabolic rate is the quickest in the beginning morning, which progressively decreases through the course of the day. So if you have too much evening meal and at a overdue time, then go to rest, instead of your reducing bodyweight, you will put on bodyweight, so it’s important to not eat too much during evening meal and to have it at an beginning time. If you are starving, treat on some fruit. Exercises every day; exercises is best for women because we always handle to shed bodyweight but ignore to sculpt our systems, especially our abdomen, for which ab crunches are the best. Consume 7-8 associated with water every day. Adhere to the below given diet plan. You will find yourself wonderful. It’s not necessary that you should take care of yourself simply because you are getting married; if you make this schedule a part of your everyday life, not only will you look wonderful, you will also be safe from several illnesses.

Special Diet Plan (

1. Before breakfast:

You need to take 1 glass of warm water with Ispaghol Husk, cumin seeds, honey,  lemon juice, cider vinegar and ground fennel seeds.

2. Breakfast:

Here you need to take oat cereal with almond, pistachio and mix fruit in skimmed milk or fruit and 2 cake Rusk or 2 boiled eggs or fry in 1 tsp oil, along with tea without sugar or brown sugar.

At 11 O’clock:

Take a plate of salad (cucumber, corn, capsicum, red kidney beans, lemon juice and salt).


Lentils with 1 chapatti or lentils with boiled rice or kichrri cooked with brown rice.

In evening tea:
2 cake Rusk and 1 cup of tea.


Take steamed or baked fish or chicken, along with brown bread. Use green leafy vegetables. Take sweet dish some time. Have dinner 2 hours before bedtime. Take green tea before bedtime.

Diet Plan in Urdu

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